Calling from the Lord

Since time immemorial, people have always asked these questions: “Why are we here?”, “What is life all about?”, or “What is the purpose of existence?” In fact in the bible, Qoheleth, a king of Israel, once said, “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity”. This is a Jewish expression of a life of routine, a life of futility, a life of emptiness. 

The Gospel reminds us of three things:

  1. We are all called by name. In the Gospel, Jesus called his disciples by name. Hence, as in each person, each calling is unique, specific, and special. We cannot compare our life to others. Each person is blessed also by God in a unique, specific, and special way. 
  2. We have a Mission. In the Gospel, Jesus gave his disciples a Mission. By being apostles, they were to go to all the ends of the earth and spread the good news. All of us have our own mission, calling, and purpose. It may be varied but in whatever we do, may we give God greater glory. 
  3. We can be a blessing or we can be unfaithful to the mission. In the Gospel, while the eleven disciples were faithful to the mission, there was one who was not. When God calls us, he has this full confidence that we will be faithful, just as he was. The response, however, is still completely up to us. 

We only have one life and soon it will past. Only what is done for Christ will last. 

CT Studd

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