With so many health issues nowadays one of the things recommended is FASTING. It does have many benefits: weight loss, improved blood sugar levels, decreased inflammation, and enhanced health heart. FASTING is also used to minimize cancer and diabetes.

Yet, FASTING is not only good for the body, but it is also good for the soul. It is a practice of different religions including Judaism, which was also eventually adopted by Christianity.

In the Gospel, Jesus was questioned as to why his disciples did not fast while the others did? The problem was not the fasting itself, but why the Pharisees fasted.

  • First, it was a show. They fasted to call attention to their goodness and faithfulness. Eventually, it was about being admired. 
  • Second, it was only external. It was a ritual that had to be done. It had little effect on the spiritual life, it had little effect on the heart.
  • Third, it had no effect on others. All these rituals are meant to make us love God and love others more. Yet the opposite happened. The Pharisees became self-righteous and “holier than thou”. 

That is why we remember the saying that we Filipinos are sacramentalized and not evangelized. In other words, we are faithful in doing the sacraments, the processions, and all the celebrations. Yet, do we love God more, as well as the people around us?

We pray for three things in this mass:

  1. May we take away our superstitious practices because it is a testimony we lack trust in God. 
  2. May we be able to stand up for what is right, true, and good even if it means we will be affected. In other words, why is the country claiming to be Catholic yet corrupt?
  3. May we be the light of the world and salt of the earth, and not fall for fake news.  

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