An Introduction from Our Founder

Prayer is man’s strength and the weakness of the Lord

Less is More. I felt this each time I listened to Father Merino’s homily. What Father taught was impacting. I would remember it for long periods, repeat it to myself and even wrote down each one in my notes on my phone to aid in praying. I took home his words both mentally and spiritually. He summarized his teachings into 3, which meant 3 things to remember and know God deeper. 3 daily reflections to meditate between you and God. Thus, 3 Ways 2 Your 1 God.

One is fortunate to receive these short points because they are easily memorized. The lessons are applicable. They go deep and heartfelt because of its simplicity. They became my prayers. 

These went on. So one day during the summer of 2017, I asked Father if we could publish a booklet from his themed homilies. “Let’s spread the impact”.

He agreed. Through a couple years of preparation and trials, the booklet evolved into a blog, and here we are today. It is a desire that this initial launch will be followed by other series and by different priest author-writers. Through their simple words we become closer to God, learn to submit to His will, and feel a complete trust in Him.

Grant that I may praise Thee as you deserve

both in my words and actions

Thank you Father Merino.

Aleli laÓ Sibal