Double Life

A president of a company was looking for a replacement. He called five of his most talented employees who could succeed him. He gave them each a seed of a mango tree and said, “Show me the plant one year from now”. 

After one year, all came back with full-grown plants, except one person. He admitted to the president that he did everything he could, but was embarrassed his plant would not grow. 

Then, after some time, the president made the decision. The next president would be the one who was not able to make the seed grow. The four others were shocked until the president explained why. He said, “The seeds I gave you were dead. Therefore, there was no way they would grow into plants. You are all very talented, but only one was truthful in this exercise. Hence, he is the one I will be choosing.”

My dear friends, the Gospel reminds us that, “For there is nothing hidden except to be made visible; nothing is secret except to come to light.” The truth will always come out. 

Hence, three ways for us to be more honest:

  1. When we tell the truth we do not have to remember our lies. The problem with a lie is that it is covered up with another lie. Hence, it becomes more complicated. Just say the truth and you do not have to falsify one story after another.
  2. When you tell the truth you are at peace. While it is very hard to tell the truth and your enemies can get mad, you are at peace because no matter how much your enemies twist the truth will always come out.
  3. When you tell the truth, you can be trusted. This is perhaps one of the most valuable gifts a person can have – he/she CAN be trusted. 

We pray that our lives inspire others. This happens most especially if we are truthful, whether there are people around us or nobody is watching. In closing, we remember the words of Warren Buffett: “Honesty is a very expensive gift. Let us not expect it from cheap people.”

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