Who would ever think that we would come to a generation wherein false news would become an industry.

  • Elections have been won because of fake news
  • Mainstream media is not trusted
  • The democratic process is undermined
  • There is so much hate speech and conspiracy theories that people indulge in
  • Institutions, like the Church, are discredited

On the other hand, when you speak the truth, either you will be bashed or your character maligned. False news will be spread against the person, and in the worst cases, the person is killed. No wonder, so many people are living in fear. 

The Gospel often reminds us:

  1. The truth will always come out. No matter what is done to conceal the truth, it will always come out. As a priest, when you hear a confession of a person about to pass away, all the secrets come out. 
  2. People who speak the truth will be persecuted. This was the experience of Jesus and this was also the experience of his disciples. Just try to speak the truth in a community, one will be persecuted…
  3. God is on your side. In the end, whatever the consequences, God is on our side. So many people have died because of their faith, because of siding with the truth, and because of doing what is right. These people are honored by the Church.

We remember the saying, “All that needs for evil to prevail, is for good people to keep quiet.” 

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