What is Prayer?

The Jews, for the longest time, had this impression that God was an angry God. Hence, to appease his anger, there were many offerings: money, animal, and crop offerings. However, the apostles saw the impact of prayer in the life of Jesus. Good times or difficult times, Jesus would always be in prayer. Hence when the apostles asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, Jesus started the prayer with the word, “Father.”

Hence, in the Gospel, three things about prayer:

  1. Prayer is a relationship. When we pray, let us remember that we are praying to God who is a Father. We know fathers. They will do everything and anything to protect the family, guide the family, secure the family, and provide for the family. What more with God, wherein nothing is impossible. 
  2. Prayer is persistence. Since God is a Father and prayer is a relationship, we all pray with persistence. Not to change the will of God, which is perfect, but for us to know the will of the Lord.
  3. Prayer is answered. God answers all our prayers: “Yes” if it is meant to be, “No” if it is not meant, and “not yet” because God’s timing is the best. 

Hence, when it comes to life, may we always hold on to prayer. May we always be persistent in prayer. As St. Pio said it most accurately, “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry”.

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