Service and Privileges

Not too long ago, there was an operation done by MMDA on illegally parked vehicles. The sad revelation was that many of the illegally parked vehicles were owned by Policemen themselves. How can it be, that the law enforcers are also the violators?

In the same way, Jesus lambasted the Pharisees and the lawyers because instead of serving, they were the ones who were being served. Instead of sacrificing, they opted for the privileges.

We pray that we may be good witnesses for Christ. Three things we can do:

  1. Seek God in experiences. There is a saying, “You can only give something that you have.” Hence try to find the hand of God in the ordinariness of life. Try to find the hand of God in all the experiences of life, and try to find God in our prayers and discernment.
  2. Be secure. Like John the Baptist who was mistaken to be the messiah, his words are very important, “I must decrease and he must increase.” A true witness can put his own agenda aside only to reach out to others first.
  3. Be joyful.  A person can only be happy when he or she finds her place in the world. The mission will not be easy but the challenges can be overcome. 

May we remember the words of Christ, “Go to all the ends of the earth and spread the good news.” Secondly, we remember the words of St. Francis, “Preach the good news, and speak only if necessary.” Lastly, with all the bad news, may we be the good news by sharing our God experiences, being secure about ourselves, and being a joyful person.

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