Love One Another

Local elections are most ideal when people work together for the common good of the country. Yet this seems to not be the case. Just go to social media and you will realize that there is so much negativity. Further, it is not only about politics and it is not only in this country. Just look at world events. There is so much negativity.

How often do we forget that people need people and all our lives are connected? Hence, what will happen to humanity if there is so much negativity? That is how beautiful and important are the words of Christ, “Love one another.”

In our everyday lives, three things we can do to show our love for our neighbor:

  1. Choose to remain positive. Indeed, there is so much that is not right in the world. The values of people have indeed changed. It is all about the money. That is why the right is made wrong and the wrong is made right. Yet always be hopeful. There is always something good even in the seemingly darkest moments. There too is something good in every person.
  2. Choose to do what is right. Indeed, easier said than done. But someone has to do it. When we do what is right, we bless other people’s lives, and surely that blessing will not only come back to us, it too will go through the many generations thereafter.
  3. Choose to serve. We live in a generation where people think about themselves first. Hence so much greed. The words of Christ should ring in the mind of Christians, “I came to serve and not to be served.”

In the months leading up to these elections, we realize that there is so much negativity. Hence so much fear, anxiety, worry, and depression. How then do we heal the world? Love one another.

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