Mothers and Goodbyes

Editor’s Note: This homily was from a 40th-day Mass last year. As it pertains to the importance of mothers in our lives, we are sharing it as part of a Mother’s Day reflection.

This weekend will be Mother’s day and on social media, there are already so many tributes to mothers. Two things I could say when it comes to mothers: first, if your mother is still very much around, you are very blessed; second, if your mother has moved on to the next life, surely, not one day has passed by without us not remembering and praying for our mother. 

In the Gospel, when Jesus said goodbye to his disciples, it was a very emotional moment. We know the saying, the deeper the love, the more difficult the goodbye. Hence, I would like to reflect on the fact why is it very hard to say goodbye to mothers. Three reasons why:

  1. We never grow old. In the eyes of mothers, no matter what we become in this life and no matter how old we are, in the eyes of the mother, we are still the little children who are to be taken cared of. The usual questions from mothers: Have you eaten? How is your health? Are you now talking with this sibling of yours? Don’t forget your jacket? Truly, a mother’s job never ends.
  2. We are the best. If there is someone who knows us inside and out, it is our mothers. Yes, they know our character and flaws. They know our sinfulness, our weaknesses, and our shortcomings. They know if we are not telling the truth or telling just half the truth, but our mothers will stand up for us when it comes to other people. Their motherly instincts come to play when their children are in danger. 
  3. We have a best friend. Who can speak the truth even when it is painful? Who can give advice even when it hurts? Who can forgive not only seven times, but seventy seven times? Who knows what we are going through even when we don’t say it? Who is our prayer warrior?

Hence, in this Mass, 

  • First, we pray for Baby. After 40 days Jesus ascended into heaven. This way, we too, celebrate the 40th day of a loved one who passed away
  • Second, the 40th day is both a challenge and a reminder: to let go but not to forget, remember but to continue to move on, and despite the sadness of goodbyes, to celebrate life.
  • Third, that Freddy, Macky and Jared, Krissa and Regie, along with Gabe and Ava, be comforted in these times. After all, the words, the action and life of Baby will always be there in your hearts, in your memory and in your life.

As so it is, with all our mothers as well. Thank you to all mothers, in this life and the next, for all that they have done for us.

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