We Are Family

Matthew 18: 21-35

Once I was talking to a real estate broker and he mentioned that the best business nowadays is still Real Estate. He explained that land is not getting any bigger, yet there are more people and their incomes are increasing. Hence, property prices go up every year.

He also mentioned something else very interesting. Despite the high demand for property prices, there are many houses and land properties that cannot be sold. Why? Because the siblings are fighting.

In St. Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus was asked to mediate a fight of a family over their property. His solution: FORGIVENESS.

Three thoughts about fighting over property among siblings:

  1. The property that is being fought over is usually one that the siblings did not work hard for. Often, these are owned by the parents who were able to obtain these properties through hard work. If it is inherited, it is considered a bonus.
  2. Each of us is supposed to make our own living. God has given a purpose, a mission, and a call. If we are faithful to this purpose, we not only bless others, but we also bless ourselves.
  3. Watch out for GREED. Let us ask ourselves how much is enough. On the other hand, we also realize that God is not asleep. If we experience injustice from our siblings, we trust God that he will not abandon us.

May we always pray for our family. We realize that due to a lack of forgiveness, especially during adolescent years, petty arguments manifest into larger fights over money and property.

While it is most difficult to forgive when it is our families, we ask for God’s grace. Why? When we hurt our family, we also hurt ourselves.  

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