Matthew 23: 1-12

Notice that when we are introduced to a person or a group, what follows after our name is usually the credentials:

  • He or she is the vice president of…
  • He or she is the brother or sister of…
  • He or she is the owner of the house on the corner…

Hence, we are known for something that is fleeting or passing. Surely, we won’t be Vice President forever, someone else will be replacing us. Surely, the fame, fortune, or power of our brother or sister will come to pass. Yes, eventually the house will go to someone else…

In St. Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus reminds us of the best credential is one that is not based on titles. Instead, it is one that is based on testimonies – one who SERVES.

  1. The higher one goes, the greater is the call to serve.  Sadly, it is the opposite in the world. One’s greatness is based on the number of people who serve and not the number of people being served.
  2. Serve to make this place a better world to live in. This can be done by being faithful to the calling, mission, and purpose that God has given us.
  3. Money is a very good servant, but a very terrible Master. How many relationships have been destroyed because people put money first over relationships? Yet, how different are the results if people put God first. As Jesus said, “one cannot have two masters.”

May we realize that the best thing a person can be remembered by is not the TITLES. Rather, it is by the TESTIMONIES – how the person has served the country, the Church, and his/her fellow men.

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