Auditing Time

It is said that one of the most stressful moments in corporate life is when it is the season for auditing. A team of auditors comes to the office and reviews the documents. That, of course, is followed by the questions, explanations, and clarifications portion. What a relief if all is okay and all is in order. However, what if it is not?

My dear friends, the Gospel often reminds us that at the end of our lives, we will come face to face with the Lord and give an explanation of our lives. How do we prepare for this?

  1. Never assume that we still have time. “I will set things right maybe in the mid-term or in the long term. For now, I will just eat, drink, and be merry.” This might be a convenient thought, yet how many people do we know said goodbye to us unexpectedly?
  2. Will this matter in the life eternal? Life has so many choices, especially for this generation, but then again, how do we know if this is important or non-essential? What consumes us in this life? Will it matter?
  3. All that we have is only lent to us. Material wealth is only lent to us. We came into the world with nothing and we are leaving this world with nothing. “At the end of the chess game, the king and pawn enter both the same box.”

What is the basis for auditing our life? Whatever you do to the least of your brethren, you do unto me. In the end, we remember the saying, “It is not the years in life that matter. It is the life in all these years.”

We pray for a meaningful life by cherishing time, being good stewards, and thinking of life eternal.

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