God’s Generosity

When I left PLDT to enter the seminary, I thought I made one of the biggest mistakes. Why leave a job that gave me security and why leave a job that had a lot of opportunities to move up the corporate ladder? Further, all that was offered to us in the seminary was, “Come and see”. No perks, no package, no promises. Just come and see.

In the Gospel, Jesus assures Peter that God cannot be outdone in generosity. 

Three of God’s Providence:

  1. He will never forsake the Church. When Christ founded the Church through Peter, he said not even the gates of the netherworld will prevail against it. After 2100 years the Church is still here, the longest running institution in the world.
  2. Find strength in the challenges of life. The life of a priest is not a bed of roses, but it is one of the happiest ministries. I always say it is the world’s best kept secret because few people consider it as a livelihood.
  3. Relationships. Jesus said anyone who has left family, houses and land will receive a 100 more in this life. A priest always become a part of all the family that he encounters.

As a priest, I always remember that God is generous and this generosity compels me to be generous to others. May we all strive to be as generous as possible to our fellow man, whether those are items we share or simply extending kindness.

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