Signs of the Times

Ask the experts who study the weather. More or less, then can say if the typhoon will pass our area, how strong the winds are and how much rain to expert. 

Ask the experts who study the stock market. They will tell you when to buy, when to sell or when to hold on to the stock. 

Ask the experts who study the economy. They will tell you if it will be a good year or a bad year, what will be the good business and what will be the bad ones. They will also tell you if you should invest or not. 

These experts, before they come up with their recommendations, had to study and do research, look at trends and what is happening, and also listen to fellow experts.

When it comes to matters of faith, we too should listen to the experts. Three things are happening:

  1. First, uncertainty. The pandemic has changed the way we live. With change comes crisis, fear, anxiety and worry. However, with change also comes new opportunities. 
  2. Second, less faith. Nowadays, people either believe in God or have gone further away from God. The wrong is made right and the right is made wrong, we have lost our sense of sins and we do not know what is right or wrong.
  3. Third, technology. It is unbelievable what technology can do, the good and bad, the positive and the negative. There is so much information, the good, the bad and the fake. 

With all of these, let us not stray. May we always keep in mind the teachings of our faith.

  • How do I prepare for eternal life?
  • How do I become salt of the earth and light of the world?
  • How do I carry the mission that God has given me?

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