Fear of Failure

One of the most natural emotions of people is fear. Some of us fear ghosts, some fear getting sick, some fear the future, some fear dying, some fear talking in front of people and some fear bad elements in their neighborhood.

The Gospel story of the apostles in their boat has them experience multiple. First, is the fear of dying because of the typhoon. Second, the fear of a “ghost”, when they initially saw Jesus walking on water. Finally, Peter’s fear of drowning is because of the strong winds.

That is why the words of Christ are beautiful, “Talk courage, it is I; do not fear.” How do we face our fears with God?

  1. First, to realize that all things in this world are passing. We came into this world with nothing and we are leaving the world with nothing. With this reality, we realize that whatever we fear, in the eyes of eternity it is nothing. 
  2. Second, life will never be smooth. How many times do we pray for the Lord to take away the typhoons in life? Sometimes he does, but often he does not. What he always gives us is strength to face the typhoons in life.
  3. Third, the Lord will never abandon us. In the story of Jesus feeding five thousand men, Jesus’ heart was moved with pity. Whatever we are going through, God knows it and will never abandon us. 

That is why in each Mass, may we recall our fears in life, and may we always pray for peace! Peace is not the absence of storms or troubles. It is knowing that in the midst of storms or troubles, God is with us. Lastly, whenever we are confronted with fear we call to mind the words of Christ, “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.”

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