John 13: 1-15

There are often international articles on Filipina nannies and the impact they have made on the lives of people. They are always remembered for the same things:

  • The many sacrifices of their nanny taking care of them
  • The love they have felt from their nanny
  • The lessons in life and wisdom they learned from their nanny

In 2013 a film was made in Singapore named Ilo Ilo. The director, Anthony Chen, made a film about the impact of his Filipina nanny, named Terry, and how she was like a mother to him.

My dear friends, look at what service can do to the life of a person. That is why in the Gospel Jesus often reminds us that he came to serve and not to be served. 

Three reflections on SERVICE:

  1. When we serve others, we make ourself happy. Such is the way of the world, that whatever we do always comes back to us. If we give, it will always come back to us. If we share, it will always come back to us. If we serve, it will always come back to us. 
  2. When we serve, we make this world a better place to live in. The San Felipe Neri Parish hosts the LSGH Adult Learning School. Don Bosco Mandaluyong hosts technical school. They give youth and young adults opportunities in life. When these people get employed they bless the family and the community. The world becomes a better place.
  3. The best service is the one that comes from the heart. Many of our nurses have to go abroad to earn. Why do foreign countries love Filipino nurses? Their service comes from the heart. People can feel it.

In each Mass, three things we should remember:

  • If you look at the world, there are so many challenges, problems, and concerns, but why are we still full of hope? Because there are people who continue to help and serve.
  • Further, I am sure we will all deal with the question, “What have I done for others?”
  • What do we remember of other people? “How they have served and shared.”

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