In Search of the Sensational

Luke 11: 29-32

As human beings, we are always searching for the sensational. I saw a video of the sun seemingly dancing at the Divine Mercy Hill in El Salvador City in Misamis Oriental. Indeed it is mind-boggling. When we hear of things like this, we are fascinated. For us, things like this are signs from God.

On the side of the Church, it studies very, very carefully phenomena like this making sure that it is not man-made, or from the evil one. Yes, the evil one has the capacity to do such things only meant to deceive people. In fact, a book I read mentioned that while the Virgin Mary was appearing in Lourdes, there were other apparitions ongoing throughout the village. It was meant to deceive, confuse, and divide the people.

Why do we look for signs? It all boils down to one thing: the Presence of God who is all-powerful.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, three things that are testimonies of God’s presence in our lives.

  1. Think in terms of Eternal. This helps us build character and integrity. Surely, not everyone will know what we are doing. Yet, we are guided that at the end of our life, God knows and we will explain our life.
  2. You Reap What You Sow. If it is kindness that we sow in this life, we can expect kindness to return in ways that are unexpected.
  3. Everything has a time, a season and a purpose in heaven. We live in a world that is always rushing. Things are too fast sometimes, that we forget to smell the flowers and actually get a feel of life. It is like going on a tour of 8 European countries in 17 days.

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