Wishing Others Well

Once, a woman came to me when she suddenly started feeling ill, having nightmares, and having unexplained paranormal experiences. When we studied her case, it turned out that it all started with a curse from a neighbor of hers. The neighbor even invoked the devil to bring her misfortune.

In the Gospel, Jesus often reminds us that human as he is, he knows that there are people who have hurt us in this life. Yet he tells us to pray for them and not to wish them ill. Three reasons why:

  1. God knows Best. God is a God of both love and justice. He knows how to deal with His children who have gone astray. Hence, no need to wish other people ill. Besides, when we wish other people ill, it is not God who will answers our prayers but the devil. Yes, there is always a payback for favors granted by the evil one. 
  2. Anger and Revenge. Harboring anger will only lead to revenge and getting even. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” When one indulges in revenge, two people get hurt – the recipient, but also the one who exacts it. 
  3. It all comes back. Remember in life, everything makes a full circle. If we wish other people good, the good will always come back to us. If we wish other people ill, it will also come back to us.

Hence in each Mass, three things we should always remember:

  • First, we pray for the people who have hurt us, but have moved on to the next life. We pray for the eternal repose of their souls. May we forgive them and move on.
  • Second, we pray for the people who have hurt us and are very much still around. Certainly, there are relationships that are not meant to be. Yet we should pray, forgive, and move on.
  • Third, we too reflect on our own lives. Have we been the cause of the hurt of other people? May it not remain so, as an unfinished business in our life. Love and kindness conquer all.

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