Love Your Enemies

Once a family friend requested prayers because she was going to undergo a hip replacement. Thank God that the procedure was successful. When I finally got to meet up with her and I asked how she was doing, her response made me reflect. She said, “The procedure was so painful that you are not even going to wish it on your enemy.”

Typically when we have an enemy, we think the worst of him or her, and we wish the worst for him or her. We don’t want happiness for them at all. Yet in the Gospel, we often hear of another very hard teaching of Christ – Love Your Enemies.

Before we reflect on loving our enemies, remember it is not about our enemies. It is about our own life. Hence, three reasons why we should love all.

  1. When we wish ill on our enemies, it is not God who will answer our prayer. Remember our thoughts are very powerful, our prayers are very powerful. God will never answer wishing ill upon other people no matter how evil that person. It is the evil one who responds. It is regrettable when the evil one grants you your heart’s desire.
  2. Revenge is hurtful. Yes, with our enemies another desire that often arises is revenge. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Yet let us remember that when we do revenge, it is not just the recipient who feels pain, but the “sender” as well.
  3. God knows what is best. Usually, an enemy is someone who betrayed, hurt, stole, or took advantage of us. It is only human to seek justice. Yet, trust that in this world, what we reap we shall sow. If we continue to do good amidst all the pain, it will surely come back to us. Kindness begets kindness.

In mass, let us remember who our enemies are, what they have done to us, and how we can forgive them. We pray that we may love our enemies.

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