Trust God in These Difficult Times

In any relationship, trust is very important:

  • Employees should trust their bosses as well as the bosses should trust their employees
  • In business, each partner should be trustworthy
  • In friendship, each party should be trustworthy.

Trust is most important in love. In fact, one of the biggest reasons for separation is the loss of trust. This is what happened to Joseph. When he found out that Mary was pregnant, he decided that he would divorce her. This did not happen though, because of a larger trust – Joseph trusting God. Certainly, he did not understand the pregnancy of Mary through the Holy Spirit, but his trust with God could be compromised.

In these difficult times, three ways we can show our trust in God:

  1. We trust Him with our Time. The days can be long, quiet, and boring. Yet we remember the words in the bible: “Be still and know that I am God.” May we know more about God and our Catholic faith. May we fill our minds and hearts with prayer. The peace that prayer gives is greater than the fear and anxiety we get from the news.
  2. We trust Him with our Talent. While most of us stay home, we remember those who are still doing work and ministry, from military to the police, from the barangay to food workers, from doctors and nurses, from priests and nuns. We pray for their health and safety.
  3. We trust God with our Treasure. These days everyone is taking a hit economically, but if there is still treasure to spare, do help out others. We remember the bible passage, “He who gives to the poor lends to God.”

Now more than ever, we must realize that all happens for a reason or a purpose. Is this chastisement? Is this punishment for our sins? We really cannot tell, but we can trust God because he knows what is best.

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