What People Will Do for Money

A friend of mine once shared that internal conflict regarding money can happen to the best families. When the father was alive, they were a picture of a happy family. There was lunch every Sunday, vacations abroad spent together, and big, memorable parties that were the talk of the town. Then the father passed away, and the fighting started. Inheritance, who controls the family business, etc. Why it is all about the money?

The Gospel often reminds us about three things:

  1. First, whatever we have, it is only lent to us. The time, the talent, and the treasure we possess are only lent to us. The best proof of this is that we came into the world with nothing, and we are leaving this world with nothing. No matter how large or how little, we are leaving it all behind.
  2. Second, the treasure that we have can be a blessing or a curse. It is a blessing when we become better persons and Christians; it is a blessing when money does not cause broken relationships; it is a blessing when it helps other people. In all other cases, the money that we have is a curse. 
  3. There will be Final Judgment. Why do good when we see other people who are doing evil, yet they have nice houses, cars, and live lavish lives? We should remember the words of Christ, “What profit does it gain a person if you have the whole world, but lose your soul.” 

May we always thank God for all the blessings that we have, plenty or simple. We pray that we may be able to be good stewards of all that is lent to us.

Just try to picture, even for a while, you coming face to face with God. No title, no power, no material wealth, no fame. All that will be accounted for is how much we have loved. We came into this world because of love, we are sustained in this world because of love. The key to eternal life is how much we have loved with the time, talent, and treasure lent to us.

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