The older generation would always say in Tagalog, “May awa ang Diyos.” (God is compassionate). When there is a tragedy, death, misfortune in life, they will say, “May awa ang Diyos.” 

In the Gospel, Jesus said, “it is Mercy that I desire, not sacrifices”. Why? Because as God is compassionate, we should also be compassionate to our neighbors. 

Three reflections:

  1. Because God is compassionate, never consider misfortune as a punishment.
  2. Because God is compassionate, He will give us strength to face the challenges of life.
  3. Because God is compassionate, He will judge us with love.

As God sets the example, let us always remember to be compassionate as well. Show mercy and forgiveness to those you consider “enemies”, show love and kindness towards all, and always be grateful for your blessings, that you may realize there are always those in greater need than yourselves.

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