Come Holy Spirit

John 20: 19-23

One of the promises of the Lord is, “I will never leave you until the end of time.” Hence, if we look at salvation history, God is always with us. In the Old Testament, it was God the Father; in the New Testament, it was Jesus. After He went up to heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit.

What does the Holy Spirit do in our lives?

  1. The Holy Spirit gives us Courage. The apostles, after Jesus was nailed on the cross, thought that they were next. Due to their fear, they gathered together and locked the door. What then, did the Holy Spirit do to apostles? The Lord gave them courage. Suddenly from fear, they were bold enough to speak about the Gospel.
  2. The Holy Spirit is the source of Unity and Peace. We human beings are unique and special, with different personalities, points of view, gifts, and different missions. As such, part of human relationships are misunderstandings and conflicts. If people put God first though, there will be unity and peace!
  3. The Holy Spirit gives us Guidance. Jesus said, as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you. When we are sent, we can be assured of the guidance of the Holy Spirit. That is why when we are faithful to the vocation God has given us, even in times of difficulty and troubles, He will watch over us.

May we always pray, “Come Holy Spirit”:

  • Give us the courage to be able to speak the truth, even if we do not become popular and the world does not like to hear it.
  • Make us instruments of unity and peace starting with our words.
  • Guide us in our decisions so we may give God greater glory.

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