Forgiveness and Prayer

According to a study, the seven signs of an angry person are:

  • Getting mad at the slightest things
  • Being overly sensitive
  • Getting red
  • Having many enemies
  • Having a hardened heart
  • Always complaining
  • Doesn’t listen to reason or explanation

Yes, people need people, but when one is angry, the person has little or no meaningful relationships. Thus in the Gospel, Jesus reminds to FORGIVE. Three benefits of forgiveness:

  1. We cannot change the past, but we can change today and every day thereafter. When people are angry there is always the flashback of going back in time. Then it always leads to blame, blame, and blame. You get a sense that this person cannot move on and let go. 
  2. We avoid hurting ourselves. When one is angry, one desires revenge, but with revenge, two people get hurt: the people whom we exacted revenge on and our very selves.
  3. We get healed. Many of our sicknesses come from negative emotions. Imagine if 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, our body is angry. Think of the health, anxiety and many organs that will be damaged.

Let us remember to first pray for those who hurt us. That is the first step to forgiveness and healing. Second, healing and forgiveness take time. This is especially the case if it is family, someone who we loved, or someone who we trusted. Third, life is short, swift, and uncertain. Enjoy the journey called life. This will only happen when we learn to forgive.

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