If one goes through the bible, one realizes that God also works through signs:

  • When the Pharaoh did not want to let go of the Israelites, God sent 10 plagues to Egypt.
  • The changing of water into wine by Jesus was the first of signs through Christ.
  • When the apostles spoke a language that they did not know but were understood by others, that was a sign of the Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus spoke about his second comings with the following signs:
    • The return of Israel
    • Occurrence of wars, famines and earthquakes
    • Heresies
    • False prophets and Anti- Christ
    • The Love of Believers will become cold

In the Gospel, the Pharisees asked for signs, but Jesus knew that because of their lack of faith, no sign would suffice. On a personal note, all of us always ask for signs:

  • First, because we want to know what is God’s will
  • Second, we do not want to commit mistake
  • Third, decisions, especially the big ones, are very hard to make

Three Characteristics of the Signs of God:

  1. With God nothing is impossible. I once blessed a house of a couple which was very beautiful. Interestingly, the couple originally fell in love with the house but there were many challenges. Their money was not enough, there were many buyers, and the children might not like a move. Yet all fell into place. 
  2. It Comes at a Specific Time. A lady wanted out of a relationship because she felt that her boyfriend was not faithful. One day a text that was not for her ended up on her phone, giving her revelations. That was the sign for her to move on.
  3. It is Personal. A wife was missing her husband badly because he passed away. Suddenly, from the radio, their favorite song was played. For the woman, this was an assurance that her husband was watching over her.

In discussing signs, there is also the great temptation to go to fortune tellers. This is against the first commandment. Instead, pray, reflect, and ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God always sends so many signs in our lives. This only becomes visible if we are close to the Lord.

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