Eternal Life

How often have we been asked if we have been “saved”? Then the question that follows is “How?” “If you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior.” While this is nice to hear, the problem is there is nothing written in the bible about accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. On the other hand, the Gospel does remind us how it is to be saved and have eternal life – “…what you did to the least of my brethren you did for me”.

Three reflections from the Gospel:

  1. All that we have is only lent to us and it is meant not only for oneself.  In other words, we cannot live ignoring what is happening around us. The time, the talent, and the treasure that we have is for the mission, purpose, and vocation that God has given us. The best way to help others is when we are faithful to our various missions.
  2. God sees everything. How many times have we helped out and turned out to be bad guy because of some twist of events? How many times have we helped and without receiving a simple thank you in return? The Gospel reminds us never to lose hope in sharing and giving, because God sees it all.
  3. Eternal Life is not dependent on anyone. For all the people we meet, there is a reason and a purpose. There are people who brings us joy and there are people who brings us pain. At the end though, it is all about the life we live. It is how we gave, forgave, loved, helped others, turned the other cheek, brought joy to others, and carried our own crosses.

As we celebrate each Mass, we ask ourselves: if we only have this day, what are the things we should be doing? What is to be made right? Am I ready to face God? May we be reminded that death is not an end of life; it is a continuation to either eternal life or eternal damnation.

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