Facts and Hope

Sometime ago on TV, amidst all the chaos and insanity happening, a lady being interviewed commented about leadership in the world. When asked what separates a good leader from a bad one, she replied, “The good leader gives facts and hope!”

In the time of Jesus, Israel was undergoing uncertainty and unrest. They were waiting for a leader to emerge. What three facts did Jesus give them?

  1. Good will always prevail. When Jesus drove out the demons, that sent a very strong and clear message – God is more powerful. Indeed, in today’s times when there seems to be so much negativity – God is more powerful. 
  2. God cares. During those times, sickness was almost a death sentence because medicine was not very advanced. When Jesus cured the sick, that reminded people that God cares. For us who are experiencing uncertainly, fear, worry, anxiety, or helplessness, call on to the Lord for he cares.
  3. God will always provide. “The harvest is great and the laborers are few so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.” The Lord has blessed us with a very rich world; we all asked to be good stewards of his blessings. A good steward is one who knows how to share God’s blessings with others. Indeed in these past two years, the Lord has sent us good stewards who share their time, talent and treasure.

Hence, in talking about Facts and Hope, these three realities and facts should bring us HOPE. The hope that makes us see the light despite the darkness, because Good will always prevail, God cares and God will always provide.

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