Each Life is Important

If there is so much trouble in the world today, it is because we do not value life as it already is. We do not value people as they already are. Other things are given importance more than people. 

Once upon a time, the safest place for a human being was the womb of the mother. We know mothers – they will do everything and anything for their child, especially if the child is still in the womb. However, in 2020 alone, there were over 60 million abortions done. When mothers are willing to kill their own baby, we know that life is already “cheap” and taken for granted.

That is why the Gospel reminds us that each life is precious and each life is important. God himself will search for that one person going astray, leaving the 99 that are okay.

Why is each person important:

  1. There are no two persons that are the same. Science itself has proven this. Looking at the person’s DNA and molecules, it has been proven that there are no persons alike.
  2. Each person has their own calling and mission. God has blessed us with time, talent, and treasures simply because we have a specific mission and calling in life. With this calling, we have the opportunity to bless other people.
  3. Each person has their own story. We all have our journeys in life. In this journey, people come and go into our lives, and this is what makes it unique and personal.

May we always remember that the dignity of a person is not based on money, power, knowledge, talent or even looks. It is a reality that God created each and every one of us.

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