Pride and Humility

Luke 10:17-24

Once upon a time in the history of humanity, there was one being that was beautiful, strong, intelligent, and powerful. Eventually she “wanted to be like God.” On one hand, she was a creation who was simple and humble. Yet when she was asked whether she wanted to be the Mother of God, her response was, “Be it done to me according to your will.” 

Hence Satan, the proud who was brought low, hated and envied Mary, the humble who was exalted. Because of God, Mary is always victorious. In Genesis God said, “he shall crush thy head and thou shall strike her heel.”

Tomorrow we celebrate one of man’s most powerful tools against the evil one: the Rosary. Three things said about the Rosary:

  1. Mother Mary to St. Dominic: “I want you to know that in this kind of warfare, the principal weapon has always been the Rosary.” Just think of what the power of 6 prayers of the Glory Be, 5 prayers of Our Father, and 150 prayers of the Hail Mary can do. In the spiritual realm this drives away the devil and protects the Catholic from the evil one.
  2. John Paul II: “Many saints have discovered the Rosary as their path to sainthood.” We know mothers will do everything and anything for their children. Certainly, anyone who calls on Mama Mary will certainly receive her support and prayers. Further, she has only one desire, which is to bring her children to her Son.
  3. Father Patrick Peyton: “If Families give Our Lady 15 minutes a day by reciting the rosary, I assure you that their homes, with God’s grace, become peaceful places.” Further, Fr. Patrick once said that the family that prays together, stays together.

As Mama Mary said in most of her apparitions including Fatima, let us pray the Rosary. We can be on FB for hours, we can watch TV for hours, we can talk to friends for hours. Here is the Rosary, which takes only 15 minutes, and can change the world and our lives.

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