One of the first things we were taught when we were small was that we all had angels. We were told that these angels were watching over us. In fact, one of the first prayers many of us learned is a prayer to our angels:

“Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom his love commits me here….”

Somewhere along the journey of faith though, many of us forgot about our angels. We may have never forgotten Mama Mary, St. Joseph, or St. Jude and their novenas, but we could have overlooked the role of angels in our everyday lives.  

Three reflections on Angels:

  1. In this world, there is the seen and there is the unseen. When it comes to the unseen, the spiritual world, so to speak, there are Angels. They are spiritual beings with great powers. How do we know that they exist? In the bible, so many people encountered angels. Further, in our Catholic tradition, so many saints also encountered angels. 
  2. What is their role in our lives? They are meant to guide, to protect and they are also messengers of God through inspiration. Each of us, has an angel faithfully assigned to us.
  3. One thing we can also learn from angels: the challenge for humility. Due to pride, Lucifer, which meant light, and her minions, revolted against God. Their actions cast them out of heaven. Hence the saying, “Pride comes before the fall.”

I came across a story of a father who experienced a car accident. While he and his 9-year-old daughter survived, he initially could not get her out of the car. Suddenly, out of the blue, a gentleman came in and assisted the girl to safety. Afterward, he was nowhere to be found. This past Saturday we celebrated the Memorial to Our Guardian Angels. Let us say a prayer of gratitude for the guidance, all the inspiration, and the protection.

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