We Filipinos are very fond of having things blessed: from houses to cars, from offices to store. Once I was asked to bless a pencil. When I queried, “What for?”, the response was, “I will be taking the board exams.”

When we request a blessing, typically the desire is for good fortune. Hence if the car breaks down, the business does not make money, the house gets burglarized, or the student fails the exam, is the blessing not effective?

In the Gospel, Jesus refers to the poor, the hungry, the persecuted, and those who are in tears as people who are blessed. Why is this so?

Three reflections on being blessed:

  1. Being blessed does not exempt one from the storms of life. The ups and downs of life, the pains of life, and the unpleasant experiences of life still occur. In fact, as one goes nearer to the Lord, the challenges become more difficult.
  2. Being blessed means that one may be hitting rock bottom, but he/she continues to hope in the Lord. In other words, the prayers and the Masses continue, the service continues, the fasting continues, and the helping out of others continues. 
  3. Being blessed is seeing the mysterious ways of the Lord. How are you Lord going to bail me out in this very difficult situation? Then the person realizes with God nothing is impossible. 

Hence we pray that whatever we are going through, especially those experiencing rock bottom in life, set your focus on the Lord and never lose hope. That is what being blessed is all about.

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