Respect for Home

In most Asian homes, when one enters, the shoes are requested to be left at the entrance. According to experts this is more for hygiene than anything else. Coming from the outside, we encounter all kinds of dirt. The last thing we want to do is bring that dirt into a home. If we do not want it to happen in our homes, we should not want it to happen to other people’s home. This is one sign of respect for other peoples’ homes.

In discussing the home, the Gospel has Jesus getting mad because there were many people who did not respect the temple. They did not respect the home of God.

These days, there is often disrespect in the church:

  1. The Way We Dress. For a party there is a proper attire; for business, there is a proper attire; for meeting an important person, there is a proper attire; if entering an office there is proper attire. Therefore, there should also be proper attire when entering the Church. 
  2. Use of Cellphones. Yes, one can read the Mass on phones already, but then again, how many people have we seen texting, surfing, or even taking a call during the Mass. If there is someone much more important than God in life, then you should not be in the Church. Do those things in the home or the office.
  3. Not Following the Word of God. Yes, we might be in Mass, and yes, we might even be people of service, but the question is, where is the heart? Jesus scolded his disciples because they once argued who was the greatest? They were in Mass to see and be seen, and not to be served.

In every Mass, we thank God because we have this very beautiful home for worship; we thank God for those who continue to share their time, talent and treasure for the maintenance of the home for worship; we pray that this church, like any home, may be home for the lost, the sinner, the wayward, the confused and the burdened. May people continue to find God in this home for worship.

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