In the old testament, when Moses warned the Pharaoh to set the Israelites free, he showed him wonderful signs from God. Why was Pharaoh not impressed? Because he himself had a magician who could easily mimic or copy the signs that Moses did. Yes, the devil always tries to mimic the divine. Until it led to the death of the firstborns, was the only time the Pharaoh believed in the warning of God. 

In the Gospel, the Scribes and the Pharisees wanted to see a sign from Jesus. Despite all the miracles and healings of Jesus, they did not believe. Hence, what difference would another sign do?

We too ask for signs. When a loved one dies, we ask for a sign that our loved one is in heaven. When we have plans to move to another office or simply just to retire and do the things we really wanted to do, we ask for a sign. When we are willing to give ourselves into marriage, we ask for a sign that the person is the right person.

Hence, three things about signs:

  1. Signs and Discernment. There are times that signs are given and there are times that signs are not given. What is important is discernment. He may give signs as a confirmation but he can also not give signs for us to trust him more.
  2. Seeing the Tree and Not the Forest. There is also a possibility that we ask for a sign and wait for it. In the meantime, we are clueless about the many things already unfolding in our lives because we are so focused on the sign we are waiting for.
  3. Deception. Remember the ploy of the evil one is to bring us away from God. How sure are we that the signs we see are from God? That is why when it comes to visions and phenomenon, the Church really studies the situation. Just because there are miracles and Mama Mary’s messages are beautiful, it does not mean all are authentic.

Amidst the signs we ask for in life, remember:

  • God has a plan for all. 
  • Through prayer, discernment, guidance and virtuous life, God reveals his plans little by little.
  • In all of these, divination is very alluring because we get answers fast and quick. This is very offensive to God because we short circuit our trust in him and his plan and we bow to other gods.

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