Good Tree and Good Fruits

Matthew 7:15-20

It is said that we human beings are composed of body and soul. When it comes to our bodies, modern science and technology make almost anything possible:

  • If you want to look young, it is possible
  • If you want to look like this person or that person, it is possible
  • If you want to be thin without exercising, it is possible

My dear friends, we may alter our bodies all we want, but when it comes to our souls, there are no shortcuts. What is inside will always come out – the good and the not so good.

Hence the challenge in Matthew’s Gospel is how to be a Good Tree:

  1. Do things for God’s greater glory. When we do good, the human in us wants to be acknowledged. If this does not occur, we get frustrated. “I did this, I did that, and there was no appreciation,” we tell ourselves. When we do things for God, however, whether we get appreciated or not, it does not really matter. 
  2. Pursue true happiness. This is found when we reach out and help others. When Jesus said that he came to serve and not to be served, he was in a way, giving out the secret of a happy life: Be a blessing to others.
  3. Be open to grace. How many of us would say, I am a bad person and I cannot bear good fruit. Remember, we are all created in the image and likeness of God. If we are open to the grace of God, he can work wonders in our lives.

The true beauty of a person is not reflected in the face. It is reflected in the soul. In other words, a good tree bears good fruit.

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