Come and See

When I was going through the discernment process of whether to leave my work to enter the seminary, one thing that the seminary told us is that we would not be offered anything. All they had to say was “Come and See.”

This was difficult because we were working. It is not uncommon to leave a job for another because the pay is better, the work environment is much better, there are opportunities for growth, or there is stability in the new company. However, to enter the seminary and all we were told was “Come and See” was very difficult indeed.

In the Gospel, these were the words of Philip to Nathanael, “Come and See.”

Three reflections on why these words are being used to one who wishes to follow Christ:

  1. The focus should not be on the benefits, the privileges, or what we can get out of following Christ. The focus is on Jesus. As Jesus said, one cannot have two masters.
  2. A life of fulfillment and meaning cannot be explained. It has to be experienced. Hence, one is invited perhaps into the unknown, but it is such a great experience when we follow Christ.
  3. God will always provide. There is no need to remind his disciples. He is the one calling, he will surely provide.

In every Mass, we pray that we may always say yes to the invitation of the Lord every moment of our lives. “Come and See.”

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