Faith and Doubt in God

In any relationship, doubt sinks in every now and then: In a marriage, a partner might question their spouse’s faithfulness. In an employer-employee relationship, a boss might question one of his staff’s honesty. Likewise, the staff might also question if the boss keeps his promises. In any friendship, each side could ask if this person is a true friend or there is just something he or she wants?

Even with Jesus, Thomas doubted his relationship. Did he truly rise from the dead as he said? He wanted some proof. Jesus showed the hole in his hands and the wound on the side.

We too at times doubt God. Why is he quiet? Why is he not doing anything? Why is he allowing evil to prevail? Three reflections on how to deepen faith amidst our doubts.

  1. Remember that God sees the bigger picture. We pray based on our own perspective only, but we forget that all our lives are intertwined. In other words, we may pray for our own good but we forget that when God answers prayers it is for everyone’s benefit.
  2. Why is God not doing anything? When we pray, we always want answers fast and quick.  Often though, God’s timing and ways are different from our own. Hence, we are to pray unceasingly and always be hopeful as a testimony of our trust in God.
  3. Why did this happen to me? I have not hurt anyone, I have not stolen and I have done good. Why am I suffering? On the other hand, look at the evildoers, they are prosperous and they seem happy. Trust God and have faith, as all have a reason and purpose.

In every Mass, we must realize that doubt is not the opposite of faith. Doubt is a part of faith. But then we also realize as we grow in faith, we have fewer doubts. May we continue to believe even without seeing. St. Thomas, pray for us.

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