Christian Persecution

Is it said that two-thirds of the 2.3 billion Christians in the world today live in dangerous neighborhoods. They are often poor. They often belong to ethnic, linguistic, and cultural minorities. And they are often at risk. Hence, every month, we hear of a Christian being killed. Not too long ago, a priest, Fr. Mark Anthony Ventura was killed in Gataran, Cagayan. No confirmed report yet on the reason but the words of Christ are indeed happening and we are seeing it with our very own eyes: “The hour is coming when everyone who kills you will think he is offering a worship to God.”

Three things we remember about Persecution

  1. It is part of our Christian life. When Christ was active in the ministry, the disciples saw the miracles and the healings. They saw how popular Christ has become. Yet, Jesus tells them to pick up their crosses follow him and to expect persecution just as Christ has experienced persecution.
  2. To be right with God means to in trouble with men. The history of Christianity is a history of persecution. After Christ, all but one apostle died by being hanged on the cross. At this very moment, there is a Christian being persecuted. We will always think of the Middle East but the reality happens all over the world.
  3. Are These the End times? Look at all that is happening in the spiritual realm. Satan and his devils know their days are numbered and they would all be locked in hell. What do they do? Bring the most number of souls to hell.

That is why three things we remember:

  • If are followers of Christ doing His will, we are never abandoned in our persecution.
  • We remember the words of Christ, “Do not fear those that could kill the body but not the soul.” In fact, to be killed for the faith is the greatest privileged.
  • In the meantime, conquer the world with love. Christ said to pray for your enemies.

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  1. carclav says:

    Thanks, Fr. MON. Ang hirap!!! We really need to pray a lot!!!


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