The Sacredness of Life

Luke 1: 57-60

Look at the world we live in. There was a commercial I came across reminding us that children are expensive to raise, add responsibility, and limit freedoms. Hence, we are much better off without them. We have forgotten that each child means hope.

Every June we celebrate the birth of John the Baptist. Looking at the circumstances on how he was born there are three things we should remember about life:

  1. Each life has a purpose. Why did God bring us into this world? It is because we have a mission. John’s mission was to introduce Christ as a prophet. In our mission, even if we are not a priest or a religious brother or sister, may people get to know Christ because of the kindness that we show to others.
  2. Each life brings Joy. Since each person is created in the image and likeness of God, each person brings joy, most especially to the family. John’s coming to the world was not smooth and easy. Elizabeth was old, so who would take care of John in his growing years? Yet there was so much happiness in the lives of Zechariah and Elizabeth.
  3. Each life is written by God. John’s life may not have ended the way we liked it to be – he was beheaded. But we trust God on this. He is the one who writes our life story.

In the Mass, we thank God for John the Baptist. Despite his difficult mission of introducing Christ, standing up for the truth and in the process being beheaded, he has been an inspiration to all Christians. May we too be faithful to our own calling and be able to touch other people’s lives. 

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