Luke 8:4-15

A friend of ours has a very intelligent and pretty wife. Close friends of theirs would also ask the wife why she fell for her husband, when “she deserved someone better.” Her consistent answer was, “He showed perseverance.”

While we Filipinos have a saying, “kung may tiyaga, may nilaga,” the Gospel today reminds us that this is also very true when it comes to our faith. If we live out the word of God, amidst all the challenges, our lives will be fruitful. 

Three ways we can live a fruitful life:

  1. First, where is our heart? If our heart is in the things of this world, then we will pursue things of this world. What has happened to people who pursued money, fame, and power? By comparison, look at the people who pursued things from above like generosity, forgiveness, hope, and faithfulness.
  2. Second, who do we listen to? Nowadays, there are so many prophets and some people have very nice things to say. Yet, people who live fruitfully reflect and listen to Jesus, the Church and are God-fearing people. They too ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. “Your words Lord are a lamp to my feet.”  
  3. Third, love for neighbor. There is a Filipino song that says, “Walang sino man ang nabubuhay para sa sarili lamang.” Remember the parable when Christ emphasized that love for God and love for neighbor go hand in hand.

That is why we pray for a truly fruitful life. We must remember that everything that we do affects others. The goodness we show blesses other people not only for this generation but in the many generations to come. Only then can we say that we have lived a fruitful life. 

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