A Fruitful Life

Matthew 13: 1-23

A married couple once shared their shock of their child’s words. He was mad at someone and blurted out inappropriate language. When they asked him where he learned these words, the answer was simple – the internet. Like the child, the question we can ask ourselves is, “Who guides us in this life?” 

The Gospel today reminds us that the best guidance in this life is The Word of God and three reasons why:

  1. God is faithful and therefore His words are real. When someone we trust says something, we know that person will honor these words. More so with God, who is a promise keeper. Just look at the life of Abraham, God promised him three things: Land, when he had none; Descendants, when he could not even have a child; Blessings, his mind could not conceive.
  2. Guidance. God is the author of life and His words are instructions for life.  For every human experience, God has an instruction: When anxious and worrying; why is it very important to forgive; why use your talents; why trust God; We are always guided that we are just passing by in this life.
  3. God’s Word gives Strength and Inspiration. Life is uncertain and ever-changing. Sometimes we are up, sometimes we are down; sometimes life is good, sometimes we are being stormed; In all of these we need to hold on to the Words of God for strength and inspiration.

The Gospel talks about bearing fruit. If a tree does not bear fruit, we say it is useless and inutile. But if it does, we are so happy. Such is our lives, we only live once and we pray that it may be a fruit-bearing life. We can do this by trusting God and His Words. 

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