Why Fast?

During the season of Lent, Catholics are encouraged to fast during Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Since Filipinos eat six times a day, from breakfast to morning merienda, to lunch to afternoon merienda, to dinner to midnight snacks, fasting is so hard. 

While it is very difficult to skip meals, let us be reminded that there is more to fasting than simply not eating. Always look at the bigger picture, at three of the many blessings:

  1. Solidarity. When we fast, we remember those who are suffering, those who are hungry, those who are homeless. When food is a luxury for some people, we must remember those who have less in life and where food is a necessity. A scarce necessity. If one lives with $10 a day, that person is within the top 20 percent richest in the world. 
  2. Sharing. Fasting for the sake of fasting is useless. It only becomes meaningful when whatever we have saved we share with others. Further, we should also realize that there is nothing small when sharing. The goodness we have shown goes on and on and on.
  3. Sacrifice. We live in a generation that wants everything in a instant. This is what technology has done to our lives. When we fast, we deny ourselves. When we fast, we sacrifice. When we fast, we remind ourselves that it is not always about me.

Last week, ashes were imposed on our head. It is a reminder that our bodies came from dust and we will return to dust. However, what matters is our soul. Hence never forget do to things that matter: Solidarity; Sharing and Sacrifice.

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