Reaping and Sowing

It is said that the father of tomorrow is today. Whatever we do today, affects our future. Just as what we did yesterday, affects our today. In other words, we reap what we sow. This is the lesson of the parable of the seed that was sown. Eventually, we shall reap accordingly.

Hence, in our everyday lives, we shall indeed reap what we sow, and three aspects which I want to emphasize:

  1. Finances: Someone once said, the best time to invest was yesterday. The next best time to invest is today. How many times have we told ourselves, if I had bought this and if I did not spend on this, I would be better off today. We reap what we sow. Incidentally, when it comes to finances, the Lord will surely bless those who are generous to His Church. Not that we expect it, but the blessings will always come back.
  2. Relationships: If we have shallow relationships, it is only because we reap what we sow. If we gossip about others, someone will gossip about us. If we take advantage of others, someone will soon take advantage of us. On the other hand, deep relationships mean vulnerability, forgiveness, and giving. We give ourselves wholeheartedly, we gain true and meaningful relationships. Incidentally, the bible promises great blessings to children who never abandon their parents in their old age and when they are sick.
  3. God. God cannot be outdone in generosity and mercy. Although we have to trust Him – His ways, His timing, and His wisdom. But how many times do we give in to superstitious practices, rationalizing that it will not hurt? How many times do we go to a fortune-teller because we want immediate answers to our questions? How many times do we go to faith healers when our prayers seem not to be answered? No one ever trusted the Lord and was put to shame, the bible reminds us.

That is why in life, let us not count each day not by the fruits that we reap, but with the seeds that we sow. At God’s appointed time, we reap what we sow – financially, relationally and spiritually.

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