Spiritual Warfare

Luke 4:31-37

When people comment that there seems to be so much evil in the world, with so much anxiety, fear, and uneasiness nowadays, I tell them not to limit to only what is seen. Remember that there is also the unseen. We should remember that there exists the greatest battle happening – spiritual warfare. Further, if the devil knows that his end is near, he will just heighten his activities so as to take away more and more souls from God. 

The Gospel often assures of us God’s victory over the devil. Three of the many ways we see this:

  1. Versus Sin, there is Confession – There is no sin that God cannot forgive. Further, when he forgives, he forgives totally. In the ministry of the Exorcism, it is the practice of the priests to confess their sins before doing their rite. It has been an experience that the evil spirits cannot intimidate the priests by blurting out their sins because there is none to speak off. It has all been forgiven by God.
  2. Versus Temptation, there is Prayer and the Mass – the main role of the devil is to bring us away from God. If Jesus was tempted, so are we. Hence in the experience of difficulties always remember that prayer is very, very powerful. If only we can see the spiritual graces of the Mass.
  3. Versus Infestation, there are Sacramentals – When used with faith, Sacramentals are very powerful. Once I was blessing an office and asked if there was a presence felt. One of the employees whose third eye was open said that the moment I started the prayer and sprinkled water, the evil spirits left the office. The Rosary, St. Benedict’s Medal, Blessed Salt, The Scapular, and the Miraculous Medal are some of the very powerful sacramentals used in driving away evil.

In this life, we cannot be neutral. As Jesus said, it is either you are with me or not with me. In the most terrible war, there are no fence-sitters. Remember let us all be vigilant, as the devil is like a tiger prowling to devour God’s greatest creation.

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