Are You Saved?

How many times have we been asked: “Have you been saved? Then you ask how? The answer by being “Born Again.” Then you ask how does one be born again? By receiving Jesus in your heart as your personal Lord and savior. In other words, faith alone.

In the Gospel, we are often told how to be saved.

  • First, yes, by being born again. This is what Jesus told Nicomedus.
  • Second, no, it is not by receiving in your heart that Jesus is your personal Lord and Savior. Why? This line is not in the bible even if they are used by bible believing Christians. This line came up during the Protestant era.
  • Third, how then is one born again? By continuing to read the Gospel we find out what Jesus said, “Unless one is born of water and Spirit.” In other words, through baptism which makes us a new creation. And indeed water and Spirit in the bible have been used to make a new creation: During the creation of the world in Genesis, there was water and Spirit; During the time of Noah, water and the Dove; During the Exodus, the waters parted and the Israelites were accompanied by a pillar of fire at night and a pillar of clouds at day, which were representation of the Holy Spirit. 

Hence, in the Mass, first, we thank God for the Church. Remember, before Christ left he did only one thing: He founded the Church through Peter. Second, the bible was compiled by the Church. May we study it with the guidance of the authority of the Church and not by just opening the bible and saying that this is what the Holy Spirit is telling me. This is what is happening to bible believing Christians and no wonder, there are around 33,000 denominations already. Lastly, renew the baptismal promises everyday: renounce satan and all his works and empty promises. If we do this, indeed we are Born Again the bible way, we are Born Again, the Catholic Way.

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