Faith and Doubt

In any relationship of trust, doubt is part of the process: 

  • For a business partner, one will ask himself if this business partner can be trusted and will not betray or take advantage? 
  • For two people in love, one will ask if this person will be faithful no matter what?
  • For best friends, one will ask if this person can keep a secret?

The apostles of Jesus had been with Him for about three years. They saw the miracles, they saw the healings, they heard his teachings and they were witnesses to the life of Jesus, especially his life of prayer. Yet the question came to mind, “Will He really rise after three days?”

In our relationship with God, there are many occasions that doubt can sink in:
We doubt God’s power when evil seems to prevail; we doubt if God exists when no answer to our prayers; we doubt God when life seems to make no sense; we doubt God when bad things happen to us. 

Hence when experiencing doubt, three things we remember:

  1. To pray. Prayer is not changing God’s mind. It is surrendering to a higher power which is God. It is trusting God that without knowing the outcome, he will take care of us. Otherwise, fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety creep in.
  2. To listen. Listen to the many stories of God’s faithfulness. How in his time, in his way and in his wisdom, people have seen His hand in world events, everyday events and in our personal lives.
  3. To hope. While we are all waiting and watching all these events pass through our lives, we remain hopeful. May we be the answer to prayers of other people, while we ourselves are waiting for answers.

Indeed how we wish that our trust and faith in God is 100 percent;

How we wish that when we pray we know that with God nothing is impossible; 

How we wish in a world where evil seems to abound, good will always prevail; 

How we wish that when life does not make sense, that there is always a grand design

In the meantime Pray, Listen, and Hope.

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