Who Do You Follow

Matthew 9:9-13

As human beings, there are people in our lives who we admire and because of that, we follow them: 

We imitate how they look like; 
we listen to what they say;
what they believe in, we believe too; 
what they buy, we buy as well;
when there is news about them, we listen.

In 2016, according to Instagram, the most followed people are: 5. Kim Kardashian; 4. Beyoncé; 3. Taylor Swift; 2. Ariana Grande; 1. Selena Gomez

Talk about following: the Gospel of Matthew reminds us what is most important in life: FOLLOW JESUS. This was the invitation to Matthew and this is the invitation to each and every one of us.

Three reasons why?

  1. We all want a better life. If we are going to follow someone, it might as well be the author of life only for the reason that he knows what is best. Hence, his words, teachings, parables, commandments, even if they are years old, are still very relevant. “Heaven and earth may pass away but my words will not.”
  2. We have a purpose and a mission. All of us have been given life and also have been blessed with talents and treasures because we have a mission and a purpose. We can only find this mission and purpose through God. Otherwise, if we pursue only the material things in this world, life will become meaningless. 
  3. We are only passing by in this world. Everything in this world is passing and fleeting. There is what we call eternal life. How do we attain such? Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

As a closing, we are reminded in Mass that when we follow Jesus, often we do not know where we are going or where he will be leading us. But that is not important. What is important is that we are with Him.

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