Some people have this misconception that if one is poor, that person will go to heaven and if the person is rich, that person will go to hell. The Gospel reading of Lazarus and the rich man reinforces this misconception. Hence, the questions are: Why then, did the rich man go to hell? Was he corrupt? Did he steal? Did he sell drugs? Did he embezzle so many people? 

While no one knows how the rich man made his money and became rich, the reason why he went to hell was because of Apathy. He did not care for others. There was a poor person, Lazarus, who needed food at the very least, and the rich man did not care. 

Three reflections about Apathy:

  1. People need people. Hence love is part of any relationship. But when there is no more love, apathy comes in. In fact, hatred is not that opposite of love, it is apathy – when people have gone cold and don’t care. Once there was a video posted on Facebook of a woman who was suffering in a street. It was so sad because no one helped out and cared.
  2. All of our lives are intertwined. All people have unique blessings, talents, and gifts. When one doesn’t care, how can that person be a blessing to others? When one does care, how can one’s life be blessed? What will happen to humanity when people do not share and care anymore?
  3. Forgiveness. There are so many things that are happening in the world that can make us numb. Worst, we are fed with so much negative information that we forget that there is still so much good out there. May we continue to forgive and ask for forgiveness and see the beauty and goodness of people.

Let us remember that God is love and that we are created in the image and likeness of God. Hence we should have love in our hearts and not apathy.

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