How to Deal with Grief

Matthew 9: 14 -15

The Gospel often speaks about Joy with God’s presence and Grief in his absence. But we, however, know that God is always with us. His promise is, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Then again, we must realize that life is like the different weather seasons. Sometimes it is bright and sunny but there are days when it is dark, gloomy and stormy.

Hence, the challenge is how do we deal with the grief and sadness that the dark, gloomy and stormy days bring?

  1. It is part of life. No matter how much we plan for life, no matter how we try to control situations of life or no matter how cautious in life, something is bound to go wrong and with it, the grief and sadness. Yet, since it is part of life, we realize that it will soon come to pass.
  2. There is a reason and a purpose. Often, we ask the Lord to take away the storms of life, and he does. But often he does not. Instead, he gives us the strength to face the storms of life. They have a reason and a purpose in life. Just as Christ had to go through the passion and death on the Cross. There was a reason and a purpose.
  3. We are not Alone. Often, when we go through a storm in life, we think that we are alone. The fact is, most, if not all us have our storms in life. It does make a lot of difference to reach out to others even when it is not the easiest thing to do. Healing eventually comes in our lives.

In closing, let me share an experience I had while visiting Puerto Princesa. We had an opportunity to visit the underground river. During the 40 minute journey, the guide mentioned that we are in the deepest and darkest recesses of the World, yet it is still full of life – animal life and marine life. 

It dawned upon me that there are moments in our lives that we enter the deepest and darkest recesses of life, yet never ever lose hope! There is still so much life! God after all will never abandon us.

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