Patience: A Wedding Homily

There is a saying that “This is the best of times, the worst of times.” If you look at our generation, we can say that because of Technology, these are the best of times:

Once upon a time, if one needed information, the person would have to go to different libraries and research. Now just Google it and find the answer.

Once upon a time, the fastest way to send information halfway around the world was through a telegram. It usually took one day. Now it is in real-time with messaging services.

Once upon a time to cook your favorite food would take days. Now just text a number and it will be delivered. 

While these may be the best of times, it could also be the worst of times – people these days are more impatient. We don’t want to wait. What we want, we want it immediately. 

How often do we forget one of the greatest sources of wisdom in the bible: “Everything has a time, everything has a season, everything has a purpose under heaven.” The virtue of waiting, the virtue of patience.

Why are we talking about patience and waiting? Because 12 years ago, Lorenz and Jedda met in Antipolo at Bahay Handaan. 

At first, Lorenz thought that Jedda was shy and quiet, but masungit. On the other hand, Jedda thought that Lorenz was “your typical bolero.”

Within those ten years, there were many joys as well as many challenges. There was even a time that Jedda had to deal with sickness.

Thank God, now they are here at the altar to move on to the next step of their lives: two becoming one. 

In your marriage, Lorenz, Jedda, three bilins that we can all relate to.

  1. God is faithful. Just look at the past ten years. Or even more. If he was faithful in your life and in your lives together, there is no reason He will not be faithful now and no reason why He will not be faithful in the future. Later you will be promising for better or worst, sickness and in health, in plenty and poverty. For now it sounds so romantic but these are loaded words. Mahirap isabuhay. But put God in your lives. Put God in the center of your lives.
  2. Parents. There are no perfect parents but they will always want what is best for the children. You will neither be perfect parents, Lorenz and Jedda. Never abandon your parents. While you will “leave your mother and father,” never forget them especially in their old age. Never forget them when they become sickly. Never forget them when their minds are not what it use to be. The bible reminds us of great blessings to those who never abandon their Fathers and Mothers.
  3. Children. On one hand, our greatest joy but on the other hand, it could also be our greatest source of pain. That is why very important is to raise your children with the holy fear of the Lord. If your children have God in their lives, they become strong in times of difficulty.

My dear friends, let us pray for the marriage of Lorenz and Jedda. Lorenz, your love for Jedda is so uncompromising that she feels so secure and confident. Jedda, you have not only found a best friend, but you have also found a husband and partner in life. 

In your life together, you will continue to get to know each other more. The good, the not so good and the quirky. But amidst all, may your love for each other continue to deepen and may you become better persons in your marriage. Remember this will take time – the virtue of patience, the virtue of waiting.

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