God’s Faithfulness

Luke 13: 31-35

One city that is full of history is Jerusalem in Israel. For the Christians, it is the most holy city. For the Jews, it is also the most holy city. For the Muslims, it the 3rd most holy city. But despite the city being very holy for the 3 most popular religions in the world, the story of Jerusalem is a bloody one. So many people have died “in the name of God.”

Talking of Jerusalem, Jesus cried over Jerusalem because of their unfaithfulness. But one beautiful lesson from the Gospel is that despite Jerusalem’s unfaithfulness, God is faithful.

How do we experience God’s faithfulness in our everyday life?

  1. He is always ready to forgive our sins. The imagery of Jesus on the cross with the words, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do,” is the epitome of forgiveness. In the Catholic faith, there are two sacraments for the forgiveness of sins: Confession and Anointing of the Sick.
  2. He answers all our prayers. Yes, if it is meant. No, because he has a better plan. And “Not Yet” because God knows when is best.
  3. He looks for us when we are lost. In life, we can make the wrong turn: wrong plans, wrong decisions, wrong people, wrong actions. The imagery of a Shepherd leaving the 99 sheep and searching for the one that got lost is a very beautiful imagery of God’s faithfulness.

God loves us as if there was only one of us

St. Augustine

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